Bringing CRVS systems closer to the people: the case of Tanzania [Video]

Lina Msanga - RITA Tanzania

Lina Msanga is the Acting Director for Legal Rights Protection at the Registration Insolvency and Trusteeship Agency (RITA) in Tanzania. In this video, Ms. Msanga describes efforts undertaken by her organization to bring CRVS systems closer to the people, in particular with respect to birth registrations.

She notes that up to 2013, only about 13% of the Tanzanian population was registered in their CRVS systems. To remedy this, the Tanzania government launched a programme, funded by UNICEF through the Government of Canada, to bring birth registration points closer to the people via the use of the health facilities, thus making it easier for parents to register their newborns.

Initially relied on to flag birth notifications, health facilities in select regions in Tanzania are now equipped to register births and issue a birth certificates, thus facilitating the record and easy retrieval of such information in the country’ systems.

Ms. Msanga indicates that the results of this initiative have been very positive and the program is now being extended to other regions in country from the nine originally targeted.

The international conference on innovations in Civil Registration and Vital Statistics (CRVS) systems was held in Ottawa on 27-28 February, 2018. 

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