Hybrid CRVS systems as an interim solution for cause of death strengthening [Video]

Mireille Gomes - CGHR

Mireille Gomes is a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Centre for Global Health Research, University of Toronto. Some of the efforts she works in is cause of death strengthening particularly in Africa and Asia. One of the challenges in this particular area is allowing for hybrid systems until full CRVS systems are implemented. 

In this video, Ms. Gomes touches on some of the challenges with CRVS systems and comments on the efforts her organization is doing in strengthening cause of death particularly in Africa and Asia. This includes allowing for the use of hybrid systems as interim solutions until CRVS systems are fully implemented and functioning. She notes that, medically certified causes of death in her regions of work aren’t a possibility in the immediate near future and that it is going to take hybrid systems for example, such as surveillance systems with verbal autopsies as an interim solution to approaching this challenge.

The international conference on innovations in Civil Registration and Vital Statistics (CRVS) systems was held in Ottawa on 27-28 February, 2018. 

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