The importance of CRVS systems for individuals, policy planning, and collaboration [Video]

Alexandre Marie Yomo

Alexandre Marie Yomo is Director General of the National Civil Status Registration Office of Cameroon (BUNEC). In the video below (in French), Mr. Yomo highlights three reasons why CRVS systems are important.

According to Mr. Yomo, the outmost importance of CRVS systems is to give an identity to each individual. Through a birth certificate for instance, a person knows his/her name, his/her date of birth, the names of his/her parents, has an identity and a nationality, and can, therefore, benefit from the rights that are associated with the given identity, such as the right to an education and to enroll in school, for example.

Moreover, Mr. Yomo notes that CRVS systems are not only important for individuals, but they are also just as important for the governments: they allow governments to collect vital statistics and to use these for policy and program planning in fields such as health, transports, economy, etc.

He concludes by highlighting the need for a close collaboration and interaction between CRVS systems and other structures and systems, such as the education system, civil service, finance, insurance, and banking systems, just to name a few.

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