Innovation Lab 1: Transforming CRVS Systems: Business process mapping and analysis


Innovation Lab 1 will be facilitated by Daniel Cobos, a research Fellow in the Health Systems and Policy Research Group, Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute. For the last 2 years he has been supporting 16 low and middle-income countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America to apply process mapping methodologies to strengthen their CRVS system design, improve process efficiency, remove bottlenecks, and integrate new interventions such as verbal autopsy in the routine CRVS system.

This session will explore the use of CRVS Process Mapping and analysis for re-engineering to address future opportunities and pressures on CRVS systems.

CRVS systems are complex adaptive systems. They perform hundreds of activities every day, to continuously register vital events and to produce vital statistics for a country; and multiple stakeholders must ensure a smooth and coordinated flow of actions so that all vital events are registered, certified and eventually included in the national vital statistics.

Business process mapping enables CRVS stakeholders to visualize processes across departments and organizations, this highlights impediments and complexities which would otherwise be difficult to identify. Process mapping enables stakeholders to focus more clearly on the structures needed to improve CRVS systems.

This session will look specifically at how CRVS systems can work alongside national ID systems, considering which frameworks could be put in place to enhance the interrelation between the two.

Key questions for this session are:

  • How can Business Process Mapping methodology be further adapted to assist countries in making decisions about which opportunities will bring most benefit for CRVS systems, as they increasingly integrate with other systems including health and ID systems?
  • How will Business Process Mapping facilitate countries to assess new technologies and other opportunities in the context of how they will help system performance and improvement?

To find out more about CRVS in different contexts read the background materials here.


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