Innovation Lab 3: Health and CRVS

From a public health perspective, especially for women and children’s health – deaths data is a necessary source of information for monitoring mortality by cause, age and sex. The impacts of CRVS data can also be seen in child health where improved birth registration statistics lead to improved child mortality rates.

This special relationship between health and CRVS systems, is increasingly being noted as a priority in global plans, including the Sustainable Development Goals; The Global Strategy for Women’s, Children’s and Adolescents’ Health (2016-2030); and Every Newborn: An action plan to end preventable deaths (ENAP).

This Innovation Lab session will be moderated by Dr. Anshu Banerjee, Director (Global Coordination) in the Office of the Assistant Director-General in Family, Women’s and Children’s Health, World Health Organization.

The session will engage with ideas which emerged from a report released by UNICEF, WHO and partners in 2016, Better Data for Women and Children: Strengthening CRVS Across the Continuum of Care, which outlined opportunities to improve birth and death recording, for the benefit of women’s and children’s health programs, as well as for CRVS systems. These included pregnancy tracking systems which can record births, maternal and newborn deaths; integrating mortality surveillance methods such as maternal deaths, and electronic immunization registers which could potentially be used to flag up unregistered births.

A number of key questions will form the basis of discussion:

  • Could pregnancy tracking systems be used to better integrate health systems and CRVS systems for the long term?
  • Could electronic immunization registers be a viable means to notify births and deaths for registration?
  • How could health use surveillance systems – including maternal death surveillance – to improve recording and registration of maternal, newborn and child deaths?

Find out more by reading the background documents here.

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