Inspiration for Innovation

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Innovation is a major focus of the conference in February. With some of the leading thinkers and influencers in the CRVS field, the event aims to provide structured opportunities for creative discussion and knowledge sharing.

With this aim in mind, day two of the conference will invite participants to take part in a series of ‘Innovation Labs’ which do a deep-dive into a number of  key themes and challenges in CRVS. Each session will be structured slightly differently, and participants will have the opportunity to attend two sessions across the course of the second day of the conference.

The themes covered comprise:

  1. Transforming CRVS systems: Business process mapping and analysis
  2. Modern data analytics
  3. Health and CRVS
  4. Human Centred Design: Increased demand and utilization of services through community partnerships
  5. New Technologies: Blockchain and distributed ledgers- implications for CRVS and ID
  6. Open Systems: Digital CRVS as a global good

The innovation labs will enable concentrated discussion and workshopping by experts and country representatives of new and emerging approaches and technologies, presented as case studies, to consider in detail how these could be applied in countries seeking to strengthen their systems – for example, whether human-centred design approaches can be used to improve the reach of CRVS and other systems to vulnerable populations.

The purpose of each session is to consider specific innovations in the context of future CRVS systems. Each Lab will pull session outcomes and recommendations together in a written summary for inclusion in the overall conference report, and to feed into  a 3-5 year global work plan that conference participants will commit to.

Find out more about the aims of the innovation labs by accessing the background materials here.

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