A number of resources are recommended below. This is not an exhaustive list, rather suggested conference background material supplied by the conference organizers and partners. For more resources related to CRVS systems, please consult the Resource Library of the Centre of Excellence for CRVS Systems. This library offers access to tools, standards, good practice material, case studies, a CRVS eLearning course, an Expert Talks video series, and a glossary of key terms and definitions related to CRVS systems.

Current State of CRVS: An Overview (PDF, 643KB). IDRC, WB, WHO et. al. (2018) – Developed as a key background document for the conference, this report captures the current state of CRVS, documenting global knowledge and recent momentum. It provides an overview of developments in CRVS systems (including cross-system linkages to health and identity systems) over the 2012–2017 period.

Integrating Unique Identification Numbers in Civil Registration (PDF, 4.5MB). The World Bank (2018) – This report examines the process for assigning unique identification numbers (UINs) at birth and the mechanism for incorporating them into the civil register and including them on the physical birth certificate. It discusses the civil registration systems (CRS) and the practical steps necessary to ensure a system that can establish the identity of a person and issue a trusted certificate to attest to his or her civil status.

Incentives for Improving Birth Registration Coverage: A Review of Litterature (PDF, 1.8MB). The World Bank (2018) – This paper describes a framework of supply and demand factors that could affect birth registration coverage rates, particularly in the context of social transfers.

The Role of the Health Sector in Building a Civil Registration and Vital Statistics System: From Hospital Mortality Register to CRVS National Reform in Mozambique (PDF, 154KB). Roberta Pastore, Alessandro Campione, Adelino Covane, et. al. (n.d.)

Other recommended background reading:

Nationwide Mortality Studies To Quantify Causes Of Death: Relevant Lessons from India’s Million Death Study. Mireille Gomes, Prabhat Jha, et. al. (2017)

Precisely Tracking Childhood Death. The American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene. Tamer H. Farag, Jeffrey P. Koplan, Robert F. Breiman et. al. (2017)

Counting Births and Deaths: A Global Assessment of Civil Registration and Vital Statistics Systems: Monitoring Data Quality and Progress (PDF, 4 MB). Philip W. Setel, Alan Lopez et. al. (2015)

Counting the Dead is one of the World’s Best Investments to Reduce Premature Mortality. Prabhat Jah (2012)

World – Strengthening CRVS and national ID: January 29, 2016 to October 27, 2017 completion report for the WBG action plan for addressing data gaps in civil registration and vital statistics, 2016-2030 October 27, 2017

A comparative analysis of laws on CRVS systems: Estonia, Ethiopia, Vietnam, and South Korea September 1, 2017

Philippines – Success in improving birth registration August 1, 2017

CRVS for monitoring the Sustainable development goals (SDGS) May 18, 2017

Korea: an integrated system of civil registration and vital statistics November 1, 2016

Estonia – A successfully integrated population-registration and identity management system: delivering public services effectively November 1, 2015

Botswana – Integration of civil registration and vital statistics and identity management systems: Botswana success story September 1, 2015

Botswana – Identity management systems analysis: Botswana country report September 1, 2015

Global civil registration and vital statistics: scaling up investment plan 2015-2024 May 28, 2014