Anette Bayer Forsingdal

Anette Bayer Forsingdal was appointed as the Director for the Directorate: National Population Register, Identification and Production, under the Department of Civil Registration, Ministry of Home Affairs and Immigration in June 2014. Prior to this appointment she was seconded as consultant in the same Department for 4 years by UNICEF. She worked as in consultant in different sectors before she started her work with civil registration.

During the tenure in the Ministry of Home Affairs and Immigration, she has led the multiple projects successfully, including the opening of hospital-based facilities and a high- profile digitization project to digitalize all processes within the Department of Civil Registration. She spearheaded the introduction of a new integrated and web-based National Population Registration System (NPRS), which host all civil records (including the ID record) under one demographic profile. The software is being developed and maintained by Office of the Prime Minister, in close consultation with key stakeholders. Currently, she is leading the development and implementation of a NPR Front Office System, which aims to track and trace all documents received and processed in the Department, including an e-birth and e-death notification systems, placed at the Ministry of Health. The e-birth notification is currently being implemented in 9 hospitals across the country, while the ID track and trace system was introduced in September 2016. Moreover, Anette Bayer Forsingdal is also leading the legal reforms of the legal frameworks relating to the administration of civil events.

Anette Bayer Forsingdal has paved the way to closer collaboration between key stakeholders, such as Ministry of Health and Social Services, Ministry of Safety and Security, Ministry of Justice and Namibia Statistic Agency. All key players are in the Civil Registration and Vital System in Namibia, and CRVS strategic Plan was developed in 2014.

Academic qualifications:

  • Master Degree in History from University of Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Bachelor Degree in History and Sociology from University of Copenhagen, Denmark