Anneke Schmider

Anneke Schmider is presently a CRVS consultant for IDRC, and the Deputy Director for Global Health and Digital Transformation at Abt Britain, London.

Ms. Schmider believes in shaping the future by bringing new ideas to development policy and finance, and has had a long association with Canada’s CRVS initiative:

  • In her prior role at the World Health Organization, funded by the Canadian Government, she supported new investment trials in four countries (Ethiopia, Bangladesh, Philippines and Mozambique), and worked on early financing design possibilities for CRVS.
  • This four-country project laid the foundations to work with the World Bank on the Global Scaling Up Plan; she consequently worked with the Canadian Government and World Bank on the CRVS business case and Centre of Excellence architecture within the World Bank’s Global Financing Facility.
  • She has been a leading proponent for the Ottawa conference since her time in WHO where she worked with IDRC on the initial concept and agenda development in early 2017. She has continued this close association with Canada since shifting to London in late 2017, as a member of the conference team and as key author on the conference documentation.

Anneke has played a leading role in bringing new ideas to the CRVS domain.  From 2013-2015, through the CoIA program for women and children, Anneke was a leading proponent for the improvement of business process and technology use in CRVS and related systems, guiding the strategy and implementation of integration between health and CRVS systems, initiating the first health-CRVS global and regional workshop in 2013. She provided further seed funding to regional initiatives to further develop CRVS initiatives and expertise.  More recently she co-hosted a technology-oriented meeting on strengthening CRVS systems for women and children’s health with UNICEF and GAVI in New York in 2016. She has recently spoken and Cambridge University on the possible use of artificial intelligence to improve predictive analytics from cause of death data.

She is an acknowledge global expert in CRVS strategy, financing and development, having worked within the CRVS system in Australia, helping to make the financing case for transforming registration governance, business process and technology application with registrars, and negotiating extended funding for the improvement and publication of data. Anneke has since worked closely with many country and regional partners across Africa and Asia on CRVS assessment, strategy and implementation planning, leading the incorporation of new approaches to health notification in CRVS systems, and improvements cause of death data collection and reporting. She has been highly active in CRVS policy and governance processes, with APAI-CRVS and programs in the Asia-Pacific.  With African partners, she led the development of a new post-Ebola technical strategy in Africa, including technology development approaches, agreed by African ASSD representatives in 2015.  She most recently Chair of the Global CRVS committee until her move to London in late 2017.

Anneke holds a Masters with distinction in Development Management, with her research focussed on seed, catalytic and results-based financing for CRVS.  She also holds post graduate qualification in innovation policy and financing, and an undergraduate degree in political economy.  Her PhD research is focussed on innovation in global health financing; and she is also completing an Executive Masters at London School of Economics.