Annina Wersun

Annina Wersun is the Digital Birth Registration (DBR) Manager at Plan International, working in the Birth Registration Innovation Team. She leads Plan International’s DBR programme portfolio, a range of programmes that aim to design, develop and test community-based models for birth registration that are scalable and sustainable. Based on the learnings from these programmes, Annina has identified the need for and contributed to the creation of a number of global CRVS goods including the CRVS Digitisation Guidebook, The Birth Registration in Emergencies Toolkit, and the ongoing OpenCRVS project.

Prior to working for Plan, Annina had 4 years of IT Project Management and global systems implementation experience with Accenture, and a year in Accenture Development Partnerships designing and launching a new social enterprise.

Annina strongly believes in the need to challenge traditional approaches to CRVS, the need to use human-centred design thinking when designing CRVS services and systems, and the importance of creating global goods for CRVS that continue to support and enhance global CRVS understanding and capacity.