Ashfaqul Amin Mukut

Md. Ashfaqul Amin Mukut is a deputy secretary of the Cabinet Division, Government of Bangladesh. He has been working with the CRVS Secretariat, Cabinet Division since its establishment at February 2015. He is one of the masterminds and advocates of the ‘CRVS and Beyond’ (CRVS+…) model of Bangladesh. He also works as the Deputy Project Director of a technical assistance project being supported by the Bloomberg Data for Health Initiative under which the ‘Kaliganj Model’ for birth and death registration and recording of cause of death has been successfully piloted. He is a sought after resource person and has conducted training, presented keynote papers on CRVS, Social Protection and SDG issues. He was the event manager of the ‘International Conference on CRVS, 2018’ held on 23-25 January 2018 at Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Mr. Mukut got his master degree in Political Science from the Dhaka University and Business Administration from the North South University. He specializes on project management, human resource management, development planning, policy analysis and formulation.