Christopher Seebregts

Christopher Seebregts is a health informatics professional with a background in biomedical research, computer science and information systems. He has more than twenty years of experience in the research and development of digital health solutions in the public, private and academic sectors. Christopher Seebregts is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Jembi Health Systems NPC, a South African non-profit company with an accomplished track record in developing and implementing innovative health information systems in low resource settings, particularly in Africa. He has participated in establishing health informatics academic and training programmes at two universities in South Africa and maintain honorary academic appointments in computer science and health.

Mr. Seebregts’ research interests include biomedical and health informatics as well as civil registration and vital statistics, especially the development of health information systems supporting public health in Africa and the underlying burden of disease as well as the intersection between CRVS and health.