Claudine Henry-Anguna

Claudine Henry-Anguna works at the Ministry of Justice in the Cook Islands as the Registrar of the High Court.  Apart from her Court work; her areas of responsibilities also extend to the management of the Cook Islands Births, Deaths and Marriages registry division.

Ms. Henry-Anguna is a member of the Regional Steering Group for CRVS for Asia and the Pacific.  The Regional Steering Group is responsible for providing regional oversight and strategic guidance for the implementation of the Regional Action Framework (RAF) and the promotion of the Asian and Pacific CRVS decade 2015-2024.

She is also a member of the Pacific Civil Registrar Network (PCRN).  This is a network that provides the opportunity for all Civil Registrars across the Pacific to share information, lessons learned and good practice.  Members of the PCRN contribute and provide input and ideas into the implementation of the Pacific Vital Statistics Action Plan and Asia Pacific RAF for CRVS.