Jane Thomason

After 30 years working on problems of poverty and inequality in developing countries, Dr. Jane Thomason believes in the transformative power of new technologies to address global health problems.   She leads major development programs funded by the Australian Government in Indonesia, Papua New Guinea and the Pacific.  Dr Thomason has held executive health roles in Australia, including Chair of the Wesley Hospital Board, Chief Executive Officer of the Queensland Royal Children’s Hospital and Director of Women’s Health in Queensland.  Internationally, she has held executive roles as Head of the Department of Community Medicine at the University of PNG and Adviser to the Health Metrics Network Executive Board at WHO, Geneva.

At the Health Metrics Network, Jane negotiated catalytic funding for regional and country CRVS initiatives, strengthening the CRVS foundational work.  She is well known to many country and regional partners for her pioneering global work to support the CRVS initiatives emanating through regional programs.  She continues to lead large country development programs focussed on improving identity, governance and empowering individuals, especially through digital initiatives.

Jane is a prolific speaker, writer and advocate on Blockchain solutions for the poor. In 2018 she has already represented new approaches using distributed ledger systems to UN Women, and sponsor was a London Blockchain Week.  She mentors and advises start-ups around the world, especially in low income countries an emerging economies.  In 2017, she spoke at events in London, USA, Canada, Korea, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, and Singapore advocating Blockchain for social good in emerging markets. Jane has recently been appointed as advisor to the British Blockchain Association, leads a discussion in the UK about blockchain application for global health and governance, and will be leading a new discussion with Kyle Kemper of the Canada Blockchain Association about potential new approaches for women’s and children’s health in Canada in February 2018.

Dr Thomason holds a Ph.D. from the University of Queensland, a Master’s degree in Public Health (Tropical) from the University of Sydney and a Bachelor of Social Work, majoring in Community Development, from the University of Queensland.