Josie B. Perez

Josie B. Perez is a Deputy National Statistician at the Censuses and Technical Coordination Office Of the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA). DNS Josie “Jo” B. Perez supervises the statistical and technical activities of the three services of the Censuses and Technical Coordination Office (CTCO) of the PSA such as the National Censuses Service, Standard Service and the Information Technology and Dissemination Service. The statistical and technical activities under CTCO include the preparation, conduct, process and dissemination of the different censuses (census of population and housing, census of agriculture and fisheries and census of Philippine business and industry); development and improvement of the statistical standards and classification systems; provision of technical assistance to other government offices as well as coordination of activities in the Regional Statistical Services; and provision of information technology systems and programming, IT operation supports, communication and information services of PSA generated data, cartographic services, etc.

She used to be the Director of Household Statistics Department of the former National Statistics Office, in which she handled the preparatory phase, data collection, data processing, data analysis and data dissemination of different socio-economic household surveys (such as Labor Force Survey, Family Income and Expenditure Survey, etc.). She also provided technical assistance on agricultural and fisheries censuses, surveys and statistics to selected Asian and Pacific countries through the Technical Cooperation among Developing Countries and Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations. She likewise assisted in some capacity building analysis of the five ministries in Viet Nam through UNDP