Sanjay Dharwadker

Sanjay Dharwadker is currently Head of Global ID Consultancy at WCC, The Netherlands, and has 30 years’ experience working in identity and identification across Asia, Africa and Europe. His current focus areas are civil registration, civil identification, evidence of identity, electronic travel authorization, privacy, social footprint and biographics, especially for the EU, World Bank as well as ICAO.

He was also invited by OSCE/ODIHR for review of the Compendium on good practices in identity management, and currently represents WCC as advisory observer to the Secure Identity Alliance (SIA). Previously, in India, he worked on various ICT projects for UNICEF (immunization and drinking water) as well as the World Bank (India population programs).

He is a participant at The Hague Colloquium on the future of legal identity and writes regularly on the subject.