Srdjan Mrkić

Srdjan Mrkić is the Chief of Demographic Statistics in the United Nations Statistics Division in New York. In that capacity, among other responsibilities, he manages the technical work and implementation of the International Programme for Accelerating the Improvement of Vital Statistics and Civil Registration Systems, launched by the United Nations. Mr. Mrkić lead the process of the revision of the UN Principles and Recommendations for a Vital Statistics System, adopted by the ECOSOC in 2014 as the major international standard for civil registration and vital statistics.

He is editor-in-chief of a series of handbooks designed to complement the Principles and Recommendations, focusing on the management and maintenance of civil registration, vital statistics and identity management, legal framework, communication and advocacy. Mr. Mrkić designed and conducted numerous workshops and seminars in all the regions of the world promoting international standards for civil registration and vital statistics and presenting the contemporary holistic model of interoperability between registration of all vital events, producing comprehensive and reliable vital statistics and identity management.

A lawyer and statistician, Mr. Mrkić has a multi-decade experience in managing demographic and social statistics programmes and their sources at both national and international level.